21 de Enero 2006


Ya está tutto dicho.

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9 de Enero 2006

walking spanish

Walking (someone) Spanish [Walking Spanish] 1. To force someone to leave, usu. from a public place, by lifting him by his coat or shirt collar to a walking position and propelling him toward the door (Dictionary Of American Slang, Wentworth/ Flexner ) 2. Being in the act of doing something you don't want to do. So, to paraphrase the example Waits himself gave, a guy reaching for his wallet after being told to do so by a mugger would be "walking spanish" as he did so. (This example from the publicity LP release of Rain Dogs, in which Waits talks about the theme of each of the songs in turn.) In the instance of the song itself, then, the guy is on death row and is only walking to the chair because he has to: hence he's "walking spanish". (Tom Waits Digest, Seth Nielssen ) 3. To make a man walk Spanish is to give him the sack; to give him his discharge. In 1885 one of the retired captains in the Trinity House Establishment said, "If I had to deal with the fellow, I would soon make him walk Spanish, I warrant you."
("The First Hypertext Edition of The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable", E. Cobham Brewer. © 1997-99 Bibliomania.com Ltd )

I'm walkin' spanish 2 finish my career, so i'll not be here often.

Good nite 2 everyone.

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6 de Enero 2006


Detengan el simulacro de paz y amor, retiren los langostinos y oculten el cadáver de la pata de jamón. La navidad ha terminado, bienvenidos de nuevo al mundo real.

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